Monday, March 20, 2017

Nothing is safe in my house!

And i think that with this post my husband would agree with me!

Absolutely NOTHING is safe in my house....from being Scrapbooked or used as a Scrapbooking Prop! lol

What did i use this time?

A muffin.

For my most recent project for My Scrap Chick I knew exactly what i wanted to do!  Well....almost.  I originally wanted to make a basket for a Cupcake.  A Spring Cupcake.  A pretty yellow frosted Spring Cupcake.  But then reality set it....what if the icing started to melt. And then what if the icing decided to get all over my paper before i took a photo of it?  So i re-evaluated and decided to create a "Spring Muffin Basket".

Here's what i came up with:

Please note:  No muffins were harmed in the creating process. And as a matter of fact the muffin in question has been securely placed back into the oven where it was "hiding".  Or in other husband can enjoy the muffin now.  :-)

Here's a photo to prove that there is a muffin in there....

This project is super easy to recreate!  And you can customize it for any occasion...Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Easter...countless other occasions! Just change the colors add in another accessory like a Christmas Tree, Easter Bunny whatever...add a Banner and voila!  A Super Cute little gift!  

Here are the files that i used  My Scrap Chick: (just click on the file title and it will take you right there!) 

Flower Combo

Botanical Branches

I hope you enjoyed my project!  And I hope that it may have inspired your to create your own little treat basket!

Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, March 09, 2017

A St. Patrick's Day Celebration Frame!

Like i said before I LOVE my box frames.

They are easy to decorate and require little space to put on display, which is why it appeals to me.

This month's box theme is St. Patrick's Day.  And it's easy to do, especially since the Box Frame created in February can easily be customized with all new cards that i created especially for St. Patrick's Day!

When i first began creating these box frames i decided to use a base color that can be used with every theme i could think of. Which is why i chose black paint and black glitter.  You of course can customize to your favorite color.  Since black is one of my most favorite colors, it works for me.

I used two files from My Scrap Chick.  The first Cutting File Set that i used was the Lucky Rainbow Bears

And the second file i used was the Fall Pennant

If you wanted to add more to your display, you could also cut out some Shamrocks and place those in some 5x7 frames and place on either side of the Display Box.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my first project for March!  As you can tell, i love working with little pieces of paper, putting them all together and seeing what i can create!  It's alwasy a surprise!

Speaking of Surprises....anyone want to take a guess at what my next project will be?

Here's a's not a box frame!

Happy Creating!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

This is my Happy Place.

Have you ever made a project for yourself that you just LOVE?

Of course you have (and so have I!) ...but you know what....I absolutely LOVE this project that i created for My Scrap Chick!

I usually don't make projects for myself...but you know what?  I think I'm going to keep this one!

Because....THIS is my Happy Place!  And i have the PERFECT place to hang this! My Scrapbook Room!

Isn't it pretty!

The entire project is made with only THREE different SVG files from My Scrap Chick.  The Pop Up Frames from My Scrap Chick include everything you need to create a Pop Up Frame.  Even an easel for the back.  My Frame actually has a LOT of pop dots between the layers so that each layer is truly set apart from the one underneath it. Also, Since i wanted the top three layers of my frame to be truly set apart from the base, i added a few layers of chipboard strips that are hidden around the frame on the underside.  This allowed me to add the gemstones and the Wordart to the frame and give it more of a Shadowbox feel.

I'll have a direct link to each SVG File at My Scrap Chick down below so that you can add them to your shopping cart easier!  But first, here are some up close photos!

Each flower consists of six layers, two of each petal size. They are super easy to cut out, ink and then stack.  I added a little bit of Diamond Glaze to the back of each to make them a little bit "stiffer" to mold.

 For the centers of each flower, the SVG files also contain a "dot" that resizes to fit your flower.  The larger you make the flower, the larger the center is cut out.  That's what i LOVE about SVG files...enlarge one part and it enlarges them all!  No guessing!  For my flowers i chose to use Black Stickles for the larger Bright Pink Flowers, and paper or the Smaller Light Pink Blossoms. 

The saying, "This is my Happy Place" just fits for my scrapbook room!  It most definitely IS my happy place...especially when it's clean, which isn't always the case. But even when it's messy I'm still happy.  This is the ONE room in the house that just makes everything all better! 

Here's another up close photo of the flowers.  For these i only layered four of the six petal layers because i wanted them to be smaller "blossoms". 

GOOD!  You've made it this far!

As promised!  Here are the direct links to each of the files that I used from My Scrap Chick

As always, Thank you for visiting my Blog!  I truly appreciate it!  

Now, it's time for me to finish another project.  Here's a hint of what it is....St. Patrick's Day! 

Until next time!  


Monday, February 06, 2017

Happy February Everyone!


The Second Month out of 12.

My Daughter's Birthday.

And....Valentines Day.

Valentines Day comes every year, and a lot of people dread it.  That used to be me!  But NOT this year!

I always say that I'm going to put up at least one Valentine Decoration.  Or I'm going to go buy myself a Valentine's Shirt to wear on the day.

But, I never do.

Until THIS year!

This year I have decorations. AND a shirt!

And I shall display and wear them proudly!

But first to share them with all of you!

 My Shirt!  I LOVE my shirt!  And it was super easy to make.  As a matter of fact, this was my very first Iron On Vinyl project ever.  I purchased the shirt from Academy ($8.99) and purchased some Iron On On Vinyl, and ironed it on my shirt.

Here's a link to the File I used: Love and Kisses

And I LOVE my little frames!  I made two little 4x7 frames to hold the SVG files that I purchased from My Scrap Chick.  One of the frames holds the word "Valentine" and the other is simply "XO".  I also added a little Heart Arrow underneath the "XO". I think the little frames are super cute little additions to my main project frame.

Here are the links to the three cutting files that i used on these two projects: XOHeart ArrowsValentine Wordart. (I used the XO from the Love and Kisses file on the one frame).

The main part of my project that everything goes around is my Black Glittered Wooden Frame.  I LOVE this frame, you can use it for anything!  (and you will most probably see this exact same frame in the future!) Each section of the frame is decorated with an SVG file from My Scrap Chick (except for one, the bottom middle).  Most of the cuts have been popped up with Pop Dots (everything looks better with Pop Dots!)

In the original file, the Cupid, is holding a heart arrow and a harp, but i decided to change that and gave him a banner that simply states "I Love You".

To make the "LOVE" letters, I simply used the 3D Alphabet Pop Up Letters and made them the size that i needed to fit in the space that i was allowed.  

A LOT of files were added into this frame, but i think each one fits together quite nicely!

Here's a list of each file that i used:

Heart and Arrows
Love and Kisses
3D Alphabet Pop Up Letters
Cupid Belly Treat Box
Fall Pennant
Mailbox and Postage Stamp Cards

And like i said you will "most" likely (okay, definitley) see this frame in another project.  You want to know why?  Well...because none of the paper bases are glued to the wood.  Each one is removeable so that you can create new "art" for other occasions!  (Which i will show you how to do in the future months...or sooner!)

I hope you've enjoyed my projects as much as i enjoyed creating them!


Friday, February 03, 2017

Opening doors....

Every once in awhile i think..."i should try out for another Design Team".  And then i think..."nope, not the right time". 

Most recently this happened last month. 

There was a Website that was having a Design Team Search.  I thought about it for about a week. I decided that i wasn't going to do it.  I put it into the back of my mind, and i didn't think about it.  I went to bed and while I was lying there i began to think.  "Why shouldn't i submit".  The next morning i turned in my application.  And guess what happened....


Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Etsy Store....

Did you know that i have an Etsy Store?  Yes, i do!

Did you know that i sell my Kiwi Lane Designs Layouts in my Etsy Store?  Yes, I do!

Do you need a Link to my Etsy Store?  Here you go! One Grey Cat Designs

And when i say i sell my Layouts in my Etsy Store, what i mean is that "I sell them!".  Whenever you see a layout here on my Blog, or on one of my Facebook Pages and it doesn't have photos on it...that means it's going into the Etsy Store.  What does this mean to you?  It means that you can purchase a "Beautiful" Scrapbook Page that was lovingly created by me!  :0) Each layout comes in it's own cellophane bag that it's placed into right after it's completed!  All packages come via First Class Mail, with Delivery Confirmation to you!

Just thought i'd put that infomration out there!

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September Project Share Time!

It's pretty bad when you realize that you've been pretty busy, but you really don't have much to show for it! lol.

This past month I've been SUPER busy preparing for the Christmas Craft Show Time of year.  I have piles everywhere in my craft room.  That's the point...i have PILES, nothing is complete lol.  I have LOTS of things started, but since i make things in an assembly line process NOTHING is complete.

Well, i shouldn't say NOTHING.  lol.  I did complete two layouts this month that I've shared with my Facebook Friends, and now I will share with you!

"Happy Day"

Kiwi Lane Designer Templates Used:  Madison Avenue, Celebrate, Tiny Celebrate, Tiny Tags and Sweetheart. 

"A Little Birdie Told Me"

Kiwi Lane Designer Templates Used:  McKay, Sweetheart, Springtime, Tiny Accents, Tiny Tags.

That's it.  Only two! But in my defense I have LOTS of things planned.  I have some chipboard ready to go for a future project that i have in the works...Yes, it's a Christmas Project and I can't wait to get back to working on it!  

Remember, most of the layouts that i create can be purchased in my Etsy Store.  Sometimes they sell really fast, even before i get them posted here.  

Also, if you are interested in purchasing the templates that i have used on my layouts you can order them directly from my Kiwi Lane Website: