Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tis the Season!

Yes, I know Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. 

And I KNOW I shouldn't be posting Christmas projects until at least Thanksgiving Night. 

But, in our house Thanksgiving really doesn't exist. 

You see, my Husband is British.  He's one of those! lol.  

I mean we do celebrate with a Turkey, and stuffing and Mince Meat Pies.  Because well, we have to eat.  

To be truthful, we do have a Thanksgiving Dinner.  But with there really just being the two of us I really don't cook a HUGE meal.  Our daughter who is 22 years old usually goes to her boyfriend's family house and then she comes home to "graze".  So cooking a 22 pound Turkey just doesn't work, unless we want LOADS of leftovers.  And, believe me, with what I DO Cook there are still LOADS of leftovers! 

Now... back to my project! 

For my first November Project for My Scrap Chick I made Jar Tags (from the Canning Jar Preserves SGV File)! 

These super cute tags can be used year round!  Not just for Christmas.  Just alter the paper and the colors and bam you have a cute little tag for your homemade goodie! 

For my tags I used the Joyous Collection from Authentique Paper (I'm an Authentique Junkie!  love Authentique!)  You could actually make the tags with scraps of your paper too! 

Here are some close ups of each of the tags

(This one is my favorite because I LOVE polka dots!) 

The tags all flip open.  There is plenty of room for you to write a little note to you recipient. 

I also added a little stamp that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  The "Homemade Just For You" stamps makes a cute little addition to the tag.  And of course I stamped it on Kraft Paper to match the base paper of the tag.  

These tags are super easy and super quick to make! 

Here's a link to where they are in the store: 

Hope you liked my tags! 


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Sunday before Halloween!

It's the Sunday before Halloween and you just decided that you want to make something really cute to hand out to the Trick or Treaters this year...what to do? what to do? 

Have I got a SUPER CUTE Project for you! 

You can make these Super Easy and Super Cute Owl Treat Bag Holders.  (they would also make excellent goodie bags for Halloween Parties) 

When I went out to buy candy for my treat bags I had to have it color coordinate! 
And lucky for me, these Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Bats packaging matches PERFECT! lol 

One of the owl's eyes are completely round.  And the other's are scalloped circles.  The white's in thier eyes were made using a white pen. The white pen that I recommend is the Uni-Ball Signo.  I've tried other white pens but I really do love this one! 

These treat bags were super fast to put together and you can customize one to be a girl just by simply putting a ribbon in "her hair".  By chance I had this orange and black dotted ribbon in my stash and it matched perfectly! 

Here's a Direct Link to the SVG File at My Scrap Chick

Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It feels like it's been awhile since I blogged last.  In the last month I've had SO much going on!  My annual trip to Vegas for Teresa Collins Vegas Event, My Birthday (we won't talk about that) and getting ready and making things for a BIG Two Day Craft Show that I've been participating in for the past few years. 

I could tell you lots about the above, but I think it's best we move on to HALLOWEEN! 

Did I type that in all Caps? 

Yes!  I did! 


It's not the candy, because I really don't eat that much candy anymore.  And it's not the costumes that people wear.  Okay, to be truthful...I hide on Halloween Night.  Yes...I one of those!  lol. 

So what is it about Halloween that I love?  It's the COLORS!  Purples,and Greens, and Black (which is actually my FAVORITE color) and well, the combination of all the colors just makes me happy! 

This month for my first project I made the Fall Pillow Boxes from My Scrap Chick.  The little Pillow Boxes are SO cute that they can make anyone happy!  And as I was making them I actually WAS happy!  Here's a tell me...don't the colors just MAKE you Happy? 

To be totally honest...I LOVE owls, so the Owl Fall Pillow Box makes me very Happy! 

The Pillow Boxes are the perfect size to fill and hand out to trick or treaters...or for office gifts....or to students in your classroom?  Or, just make them for yourself! 

But that's not all I made!'s not. 

I also decided that i wanted to make a "FALL" Box.  Like a Pumpkin.  So I DID! 

I used an embossing folder for the leaves, and for the vines I twirled paper around a pencil. 

The Pumpkin Box would be a great Teacher Gift...just fill it with a treat and send it to school to your favorite teacher.  

 And...if you think they did too and you want to make that it's REALLY easy to do!  

Here are the links for the projects: 

Happy October AND Happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


That was a simple Blog post title wasn't it! 

Today I'm sharing with you my latest project for My Scrap Chick

This time around I made a "Home" Sign for my home. 

When I made this, it was the FIRST time I had ever made one of the frames, and let me tell you I LOVED how it turned out.  Now if you noticed I said that this was the "First" frame that i made, and it is.  I made another Frame for a different project, but to tell you the truth, this was my VERY first one!  I made it in February and I've had it in my Craft Room.  Everytime I looked at it I would say "I love the colors that I used", but I didn't know what I was going to put in the middle of the frame.  On my other Frame I put the quote "This is my happy place'..and well in February I WAS going to put that quote in this Frame, but it didn't work for me.  

So "Home" Fit. 

And the "Home" sign was made. 

Now I won't be able to sit in my Craft Room and think, "what am I going to put in the blank space of the frame". 

When you look at the frame you wonder how in the world it's's VERY easy!  (I used a LOT of pop dots!)  Anyone can do this, and there are LOTS of frame to choose from! 

Here are the links to the products in the My Scrap Chick store: 

Have a Happy Week! 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Do your kids like to read?

That is a serious question.

So, do they?

If so, what do they use for bookmarks?  

I used to read ALL the time, now not so much.  But a few weeks ago I made myself go to the Library and check out some books.  And not just Craft Books! lol 

When your kids read books what do they use for bookmarks?  Do they just use a piece of paper torn out from a notebook?  or do they "Dog Ear" the page to remind them where they left off?  

For my first project for September I thought I would make something that was not only useful, but cute too! 


Everyone needs them....even me.  

These bookmarks aren't just cute!  But they are super easy to put together.  And you know what else you could do with them...give them to a teacher!  Make several sets and bring them to your child's Teacher (or Librarian) and let them give them out to specials students!

I like to share, so here's the file I used for this Super Easy Project!

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Sharing a new layout!

Today I decided to go to the Scrapbook Store and Scrapbook.

And yes, I know it's Wednesday, but I decided to venture out of the house! Which goes totally against me wanting to become a Hermit.

And what's even more strange is that I started AND finished a layout!

I think it's pretty!

Now, if you know me you know that i really don't like the color blue...yes, I know Strange.  But even though I don't like blue I can SCRAPBOKK blue and it turns out pretty good!

I didn't want to bring a lot of supplies with me today since it was a weekday.  And, I knew I wouldn't be there for very long.  Maybe a couple of hours at the most.  So what did I pack?  My Kiwi Lane Templates, some ink, my paper trimmer, scissors, and some pop dots.  Oh...and paper.  Not much really, I'm pretty sure that I only used six sheets to create the above layout. Which to be honest, is not bad! One thing I forgot....a pencil

Oh well.  But as you can see it all worked out!  And I have another beautiful layout which has already been added to my Etsy Shop!

Have a Happy Day!


Saturday, September 02, 2017

Kiwi Lane Designs September Product Release Photos!


I'm SO Excited for this Release!  New Paper and New Templates!  AND i have a project in mind already that I will be sharing! 

Introducing the NEW September Releases from Kiwi Lane Designs! 
To place your orders please go to the following link:


*** EDITED TO ADD INFO ABOUT PARTY FAVORS FROM ME!!! *** yesterday i posted that i am having an Online Kiwi Lane "Birthday Party" for about some Party Favors? All orders over $50.00 will receive one of the NEW September release items from me! Choose between the NEW A La Carte Bat or the NEW A La Carte Cauldron. Let me know which you choose and at the end of the month after my party closes you will receive your choice personally from me! And Remember, all orders over $35.00 receive free shipping! Free Shipping! Free Gift From Me!
Here's a link to my "Birthday Party":
*Orders need to be exclusive to this party and cannot be claimed by other Get Together Orders.
**Free A La Carte Template Bat or Cauldron will be personally mailed by me, and not Kiwi Lane.
***Orders NEED to be placed through the Special Birthday Party Portal located above!  :-)